Global Ceramics specializes in English, Scandinavian and Chinese pottery and porcelain.
We offer 19th c transfer printed and lustre ware as well as modernist stoneware and Qianlong

Global Ceramics

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About us
Global ceramics is the fruit of lifelong love for things antique and vintage and, above all, for the best of all kinds of pottery and porcelain. We have started up this site recently, after extensive collecting activities, and with the intention to extend our offers to more categories in ceramics, such as French and Belgian old and modern.

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Credo and Ambition
In our on-line catalogue you will find fragile objects, many of them touched by the natural wear and tear of time. Still, they are the real McCoy, originals, and as such still enjoyable and worth looking at. Provenance too is an important aspect, and the ambition is for our photos and text presentations to convey an accurate description of all this.


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