Granite Pail Collectibles
Adorable Antique Brooch, Rabbit
Charming Whiting and Davis Dresden Mesh Purse
Mandalian Deco Mesh Purse, Birds of Paradise
Whiting and Davis Deco Mesh Purse, 1920's
Martha Washington Mesh Reticule, 1920's
1920's Whiting and Davis Dresden Mesh Purse
18th C Embroidered Garters, Jerusalem Style
American Embroidered Wedding Garters,1702
Wedgwood and Bentley Jasper Cameo Ring, ca 1779
19th C Mother of Pearl Box with Cut Steel Flies
Charming Little Victorian Gold and Amethyst Earrings
Eye-catching Victorian Gold and Hair Earrings -- Purses
Stunning Pair of Gold Repousse Earrings, circa 1840
Beautiful Victorian Enamel Fox Head Stickpin
Sweet German Mourning Brooch, "Andenken"
Pretty Austro Hungarian Pendant, Pearls and Turquoises
19th C Mourning Hair Work Brooch, Willow
Stunning Victorian Onyx and 14k Gold Earrings