Granite Pail Collectibles
Unusual 19th Mourning C Stick Pin, Woman
Antique Penannular Stick Pin, Pink Paste
Unusual Victorian Sentimental Paste Brooch, Shield
Lovely 9K Georgian Mourning Ring, Blond Hair, Pearls
Superb Architectural Micro Mosaic Pendant
Rare Needlework Pocket on Canvas, 1852, PA Dutch
Superb Antique Shakudo Parure, Necklace, Earrings, Ring
On Hold
Antique Silver Ring, 9k Rose Gold and Marcasite
Charming Antique Open Work and Embroidery Purse Sampler
19th C Pique Demi Parure, Pendant, Earrings, Hair Chain
19th C Silver Penannular Brooch with Baroque Pearl
Antique Silver and Citrine Brooch, Halley's Comet
Antique 830 Pink Paste and Mother of Pearl Pendant
Classic Victorian Gilt Cameo Locket and Ornate Chain
Antique Filigree Solje Booch, Marius Hammer of Norway
Antique 9k Bloodstone Fob Seal, Intaglio Crest
Stunning 18th C Gilt and Emerald Pendant Earrings
Ornate 19th C Vulcanite Mourning Cross