Granite Pail Collectibles
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Wonderful 19th Century Gilt Metal Chatelaine
Mid Victorian Gold & Garnet Brooch
Victorian Swivel Fob -- Bloodstone
Victorian Garnet and Pearl Bracelet, Ca 1870
Victorian Turquoise & Pearl Brooch 1890, 14K
Framed Victorian Beadwork Picture
Exquisite 19th C 18K Gold and Garnet Brooch
Victorian Giardinetto Paste Brooch
Victorian Bohemian Garnet Floral Spray Brooch
Unusual Victorian Eye Bead Ring
Rare Victorian Bloodstone Fob - Clamp!
Early Victorian Cut Steel Brooch -- Crown!
Victorian Pearl & Emerald Dangle Earrings
Unusual Victorian Mourning Brooch, 14k Wire
Early Victorian Cut Steel Dangle Brooch
Lovely Victorian Carnelian & Gold Ring c 1890
Enchanting Victorian Jade & Diamond Ring 1890
Carved Victorian Bog Oak Mourning Brooch
Victorian Hair Bracelet, 12K Clasp
Victorian Pyrite & 10k Rose Gold Ring
Victorian Hand Sewn Gauze & Silk Purse
Elegant Victorian Diamond Ring, ca 1885
Articulated Victorian Tortoiseshell Earrings
Dainty Victorian Etruscan Gold Pendant w/Hair
Victorian Aesthetic Brooch, Butterfly, c 1890
English Long Cameo Earrings, Pinchbeck ,1860
Victorian Chatelaine w/ 5 Attachments, Purse
Victorian Banded Agate & Diamond Ring
Unusual 19th C 14k Lava Cameo Mask Ring
Victorian Jet Brooch, Anchor
Perfect 19th C Gutta Percha & 14k Earrings
Lovely Antique Bracelet, Enamel Flowers
Charming Articulated Victorian Pendant, Bow
Exceptional 19th C Articulated Earrings, Tortoise
Victorian Paste and Silver Pendant Necklace
Unusual Victorian Demi Parure, Earrings and Brooch