Granite Pail Collectibles
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Seed Pearl, Mother-of-Pearl and Gold cross, ca 1860
Victorian Bookmark, No Cross No Crown
Victorian Bookmark, The Cross is My Anchor
Victorian Bookmark, Love the Giver, Girls and Deer
Beautiful Enamel and Diamond Victorian Mourning Ring
Fantastic Transitional Victorian Tortoiseshell Necklace
Gentleman’s Victorian Snake Ring, Ruby Diamond
Pair of Antique 14k Woven Bracelets, Squirrels!
Unusual Victorian Brooch, Animal Bone?
Paste and Silver Brooch, Flower
Stunning 14k and Enamel Victorian Transitional Necklace
Fabulous Carved 19th C Angel Skin Coral Brooch
Exceptional Victorian Day-Night Earrings, 18K Gold
Gilt and Cut Steel Circle Brooch, Cutaway Floral Motif
Delicate Victorian Shell Cameo Ring, 9K Gold
Victorian Essex Crystal Ring, 14K, Bird on a Branch
Delicate Victorian Coral and Pearl Drop Earrings
Antique 14k Snake Ring, Diamond Head