Granite Pail Collectibles
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Interesting Double Sided 19th C Reliquary Pendant
Antique Love Token Pendant, Portrait, Rare Coin
Early 19th C Continental Portrait Miniature, Woman
Folk Art Portrait Miniature of Baby in Jumper, 1849
Charming Portrait Miniature of Young Boy, ca 1830's
19th C Primitive Portrait Miniature, Girl with Spaniel
Double-Sided Ivory Silk Embroidered Purse, 1730-1750
Charming Folk Portrait of Boy, 1840's
19th C Oil on Copper Miniature Painting, Flowers
Pretty Ivory Silk Applique and Embroidered Purse
Microbeaded Miniature Pie Crust Coin Purse, 19th C
Beautiful Miniature Pie Crust Coin Purse, 19th C
Miniature 19th C Silk Netted Purse
Mourning Miniature Set in Brooch, Hair Landscape
Edwardian Portrait Brooch of Sweet Baby
Portrait Miniature Cut Silhouettes of a Boy and a Girl
English School Portrait Miniature of Sweet Lady, 1770
18th C Portrait Miniature of Lady, att. to Shirreff