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Pair of Chinese Decorative Figural Ovid Vases
Syro Hittite Terracotta Chariot and Charioteer
Pinchas Litvinovsky Lithograph Portrait Moshe Dayan A/P
Syro-Hittite Black Steatite Figure of Twin Lions, Column Base
Assyrian, or Urartian, Bronze Lion
Egyptian Pottery Mummiform Sarcophagus Lid
Egyptian Fragmentary Bronze Throne of Harpocrates
Gandharan Stucco Fragment, Head of a Man
Ptolemaic Marble Miniature Sphinx
Nayarit Chinesco Pottery Figure of a Squatting Female
Canaanite Terracotta Idol of a Sacrificial Ram
Islamic Bronze Head of a Lion
Chinese Wooden Lacquer Cosmetic Box with Dragon Motif
Antique German Silver Chanukah Lamp
Roman Green Glass Balsamarium
Moche III Pottery Vessel of Sacrificial Captive
Beautiful Jaffa, by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Egyptian Glass Pendant with 18K Gold Contemporary Setting
Flood On HaGaaton, Naharia, by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Chimu Zoomorphic Textile Fragment
Small Apulian Pottery Kantharos
Dreaming of Jerusalem, by Jonathan Kis-Lev
Islamic Bronze Stylized Head of a Lion
Roman Green Ribbed Glass Cosmetic Container
Two Qing Dynasty Porcelain Mellon Vases
Roman Bone Votive Carving of a Goddess or Maiden
German Bronze Canine Aquamanile
Vintage Ronson Veraflame Lighter / Needs Repair
Syro Hittite Terracotta Zoomorphic Figure on Wheels
Two Roman Bone Handles with Geometric Pattern
Monumental Bronze Age Syro-Hittite Terracotta Astarte / Goddess
Cypriot Zoomorphic Pottery Head of a Bull
Roman Glass Earrings with Contemporary Silver Setting
Roman Glass Broach with 14K Gold Contemporary Setting
Miniature Japanese Ivory Okimono of God Fukurokuju
Chalcolithic Buff Pottery Flange Juglet