Specializes in Japanese antique and vintage arts such as mingei,boro,ceramics,bamboo baskets and so on
Urushi,earthenware,indigo textiles,bamboo flower baskets,tea ceremony

Japanese folk arts,boro,earthenware,lacquer,kanban,ikebana,obi,sakiori,shiboriHaruko Watanabe

bamboo flower basket
Haruko Watanabe
3-6-15-1605 Koyama, Shinagawa-Ku
Tokyo, Japan


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Haruko Watanabe has been concentrating on Japanese antique and vintage textiles such as traditional kimonos, obis, folk textiles ( Mingei ), boro, rare items and expands the line up of folk arts, bamboo flower baskets, urushi items, ceramics, tea ceremony utensils and so on.

Based in Tokyo, Haruko Watanabe eagerly looks for beautiful and rare items as possible. She would like to introduce the works of prominent craftspeople in old days as well as today. She also tries to show items made not only for appreciation but for practical use ("yo-no-bi" in Japanese). It is her pleasure that many artists and creaters are in her customer list such as fashion designers, quilt artists, textile artists, a musician and collectors. Open by appointment

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