Japanese folk arts,boro,earthenware,lacquer,kanban,ikebana,obi,sakiori,shibori Haruko Watanabe
Chinese Antique Lacquer Tiered Food Boxes with Shell Inlay
Chinese Antique Textile Vest Made of Tiny Bamboo Beads
Chinese Stone Carved Sculpture Pair Of Lion
Chinese Vintage Basket Box Made of Papaer Cord
Indian Vintage Textile Quilting and Patchwork Bag
Japanes Antique Textile Asa Omi-kasuri Baby's Kimono with Charm
Japanese Antique Armor Tanto Short Sword Cover
Japanese Antique Asa Kyogen Han-bakama Green
Japanese Antique Bag Made of Deer Skin with Asa Indigo Rope
Japanese Antique Bamboo Basket Wicker Trunk with Washi Lining
Japanese Antique Bamboo Flower Basket
Japanese Antique Ceramic A Pair of Choku with Mesh Design
Japanese Antique Ceramic Koimari Choko Edo
Japanese Antique Ceramic Koimarri Soba-choko with Plume Design
Japanese Antique Ceramic Oribe-yaki Mukozuke
Japanese Antique Ceramic Oval Plates With Anchor
Japanese Antique Ceramic Shida-yaki Plate with Turnip & Hoju Design
Japanese Antique Ceramic Soba-choko with Grass Pattern Mid Edo