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A pair of hina dolls, Obina (male,right) and Mebina (female, left) which are displayed on Hina Matsuri on March 3rd . It is also called "Momo-no-sekku" or "Girl's Day" History of Hina dolls can trace back to Heian period (A.D.794~1185), but Hina doll display began in early Edo and became more gorgeous later. Paper Hina dolls were made in early Edo period (early 17th century) They have beautiful hand-painting of women on their costume. In good condition but have some damages. 17th century...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Dolls : Pre 1920 item #1365592 (stock #J434)
A pair of Musha-ningyo, samurai dolls which are displayed on the Boy's Festival on May 5th. The left is higher rankig samurai and the right is the subordinate samurai. Both are beautifully made in details with accessories such as swords, hats etc. In good condition except for a few parts are missing and the silk cloth of the left one has wear. Left doll: 20cm x 30cm, Right doll: 24cm x 22cm Late 19th to early 20th century. With a wood box.