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A pair of noren made of choma (ramie) with hand-painted Hiten, a heavenly being who flies around Buddha and sings. It is painted by Suzuki Hachiro (~2005) who graduated from the Tokyo National University of Art and was an advertising director at Dentsu Inc. and won the Grand Prix of the Tokyo Art Directors Club for Apple Computer Ad in 1985. The cloth is choma (ramie) whose wefts and warps are hand-plied. In excellent condition but the seam is only tacking. Late 20th century...
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This is a contemporary Bizen flower vase by Yamashita Joji ( 1947~ ) who is a member of Japan Art Crafts Association ( Nihon Kogeikai ) and won many prizes. In excellent condition with an original box. Height 25cm 10" Diameter 24cm 9.4"
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Japanese Lacquer (Urushi) bowl made by Azuma Hideo (1950~ ) who is an emerging urushi artist and a craftsman. Gourds are hand-carved on wooden base and red and black urushi are lacquered. Brand-new condition. Contemporary. Height 8.5cm 3.3" Diameter 13.5cm 5.3"