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Haruko Watanabe
A vest made of wash, Japanese handmade paper made from mulberry fiber and vegetable indigo dyed katazome (stencil-resist-dye) pattern. It is made in Toriyama in Tochigi prefecture, north of Kanto Plane. Washi has been made in the region from about 700 years ago. It is made by Fukuda Washi Producer. In excellent condition. Contemporary. 66cm x 77cm
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Haruko Watanabe
Large cotton furoshiki with poem with shibori which is the first half of the famous poem from Manyoshu (The Anthology of Myriad Leaves). The original meaning is "It seems spring has gone and summer has come as white clothings are hung to dry in the Mt. Amano-Kaguyama". In excellent condition but it has some indigo color faded part. Dyed with vegetable indigo. Sewn by machine. The second half of the 20th century. 112cm x 148cm
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Haruko Watanabe
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Large cloth which has shibori wave pattern and katsuo (bonito) design. It was made for the 30th anniversary of the Union of the Seafood Processing Center in Yaizu in Shizuoka prefecture where is one of the leading fishery ports in Japan. Dyed with vegetable indigo. Sashiko characters are with white cotton thread. In excellent condition. Late 20th century. 125cm x 143cm