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Fifty years ago Dave Sheridan was immersed in the chilly waters of the North Atlantic exploring old sunken ships of sail, intrigued by the salvaging and collecting of lost maritime artifacts as a somewhat amateur archaeologist. Then Dave inherited a sizeable Pre Columbian collection from his Dad, who journeyed to the world of the ancients almost fifty years ago. Thus was born the inspiration, self-teaching and further acquisition of Ancient Art and primitive as well as contemporary objects of an ethnographic nature. Dave has specific interest in the aborigine inhabitants of South America and has traveled throughout the lofty Altiplano of the high Andes, the Selva of the Amazon and places in between. Dave has spent considerable time with various tribes of the forest in addition to the peoples of the highlands (including becoming Padrino/Godfather to two descendants of the Inca culture) and the coastal regions of Peru. This “rubbing of elbows” with the descendants of the ancient cultures is by it’s nature, both enlightening and educational. Condition and authenticity of all items is unconditionally guaranteed as described. Should a known, acknowledged expert, dispute our representation of authenticity, the piece may be returned within thirty days in identical condition as that when sold for a full refund of payment. Please feel free to inquire about any item. Experience the thrill and mystery of holding history in your hands.

Inherently curious

In addition to objects of ancient and tribal art, we sometimes make available objects of the bizarre, the weird and the curious.


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