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Colonial Tupu, (Ca 1550-1824) fabricated with ornately designed spoons and an unknown stone. Six inches long and 1.3 inches wide. The Silver Tupu (metal ornamental shawl pin) of South America appears to have originated with the ancient cultures. As the art and techniques of metallurgy became more refined the Tupu became more detailed. The metal Tupu was preceeded by the use of bone.
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A Colonial Wood Wedding Kero or Cocha. Peru or Bolivia. Very Nice-12inches/30.5cm diameter at the handles, by 3inches/7.6cm high. Carved from one piece of wood. 18th to 19th century. The Kero or wedding cup was used ceremoniously during the wedding for sharing Chicha (beer from maize) between the newly married couple. This ceremony has roots in pre-columbian periods. A kind of fertility ritual. Inside the Kero are three oxen with two having baby oxen perhaps nursing from the rear(?)...