Specialize in Chinese porcelain and Indonesian art

Pigura place for Antique Chinese porcelain Pigura Asian Art
Tang dynasty 618 - 906
Five dynasties 906 - 960
Song dynasty 960 - 1279
Yuan dynasty 1279 - 1368
Ming dynasty 1368 - 1644
Qing dynasty 1644 - 1912
Vietnamese Annamese
Indonesian Textile
Pigura ( Irfan M )
Kebayoran baru
Jakarta 12170


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Pigura located in Jakarta Indonesia, we are concentrate in Asian Antiques and Handicraft, we are establish since 1975 as a general trading, we have been selling on ebay, check out our auction listing ebay.

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Pigura concentrate in Asian Antiques and handicraft, we have large variety of antiques such as antique porcelain, old textile, antique furniture, old primitive etc, our antique collection which is originally or found in Indonesia, please feel free to contact us by email for your inquiries.

email: piguraart@gmail.com

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Qing 18th century blue glaze large vase
Qing 18th century blue glaze large vase


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