Jack Nelis Antiques
Pair of Indo-Portuguese Carved Doors Goa 17th/18th Century
Thai Ayutthaya Gilt Wood Buddha 18th Century
West Nepal Wood Ancestor
Chinese Gilt Wood Guanyin Dated 1830
Rose Quarts Necklace with Antique Silver Indian Beads
Chinese Shiwan Ware Teapot 19th/early 20th Century
Laos Teak Buddha 19th/early 20th Century
Thai Isan Gilt Wood Buddha 19th Century
Chinese Pewter and Bamboo Wine Pot 19th Century
Crawling Figure China Song Dynasty (960-1279)
Kakesuzuri Chest Japan Late Edo Mid 19th Century
Chokwe Mask Congo Mid 20th Century
Persian Oil Lamp Nishapur 10th/12th Century
Group of 10 Burmese Bronze Opium Weights 19th Century
Kanaga Mask Dogon Mali
Ming Dynasty Turquoise Deity
Ming Dynasty Turquoise censer
Tek Sing Cargo Plate and Bowl