Jack Nelis Antiques
Group of 11 warriors Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). TL-tested
Han Dynasty Kneeling Court Lady H. 54 cm with TL-test
Marvellous Tang Dynasty Marble Torso
Northern Qi Horse and Rider TL-tested
Copper Funerary Mask Peru Sican 1000-1200 AD
Bronze Buddha Laos 17th Century
Bronze Buddha Laos/North Thailand 17th/18th Century
Iatmul Ancestor Papua New Guinea Early 20th Century
Burmese Wooden Deity 19th Century (Published)
Chinese Qianlong Pewter and Brass Teapot
Thai Lacquered Bronze Buddha
Lacquered Bronze Thai Buddha Ca. 1800
Chinese Nuo Mask 17th/18th Century
Chinese Silver Tray Qing Dynasty
Chinese Song Qingbai Bowl 12th/13th Century
Standing Buddha, Laos 19th Century
Bronze Buddha Laos 17th Century
Thai Isan Gilt Wood Buddha 19th Century