Jack Nelis Antiques
Chinese Silver Tray Qing Dynasty
Fahua Pottery Foo Dog Ming Dynasty
Sitting Figure, Colima Mexico (100BC-250AD)
Pottery Ewer Iran 12th Century
Standing Buddha, Laos 19th Century
Copper Funerary Mask Peru Sican 1000-1200 AD
Pair of Moulded Fahua Vases Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
Group of 11 warriors Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD). TL-tested
8 Chinese Wickerwork and Lacquer Dishes Dated 1843
Chinese presentation box, dated 1857
Chinese Basket, wickerwork and Lacquer Dated 1828
Gilded Siver Box Tibet
5 Chinese Kingfisher Hairpins Late Qing
Chinese Silver and Carnelian Necklace Late Qing
Chinese Nuo Mask 17th/18th Century
Khmer Bronze Offering Tray Cambodia 12th/13th Century
Chinese Song Qingbai Bowl 12th/13th Century
Chinese Wickerwork Lunch Box Late Qing