Jack Nelis Antiques
Chinese Silver and Coral Bracelet Late Qing
Gandhara Grey Schist Buddha
Chinese Jade Bear and Cub Late Qing
Soapstone sculpture China 19th Century
Chinese Jade Horse and Monkey 19th Century
Thai Ayutthaya Sandalwood Buddha 18th Century
White Pottery Eunuch Tang Dynasty (618-907)
Two Female Warriors Northern Qi (550-577)
Chinese Embroidered Silk Purse
Two Large Chinese Embroidered Silk Purses Late Qing
Chinese Silver Needlecase Late Qing
Chinese Late Qing Silver Necklace
Chinese Silver Lock Pendant Late Qing
Chinese Silver Lock Pendant Late Qing
Bronze Buddha Laos/North Thailand 17th/18th Century
Bronze Buddha Laos 17th Century
Japanese Arita Charger Late 17th Century
Three Bronze Buddha Fragments Thailand 17th Century