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Santa Monica

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About Me

I am a full time dealer in fine art, with many years of experience----even as many as 50 or so years, if you consider that I was exposed to art and antiques, flea markets and museums and history, as a young boy of an American family lucky enough to be living in Europe in the 1960's! For nearly forty years, I have been buying/selling in the USA and abroad at major auctions; interacting with other dealers; and, since the year 2000, selling successfully on line in both auction and shop format. As a one man operation, you are assured of personal attention in all phases of a transaction. I am happy to deal with folks of all tastes and budgets; my shop will be as likely to contain a seventeenth century old master drawing as a contemporary work, and affordable items priced under $100 will appear alongside those priced at $5,000 or more. I consider myself an art world "generalist". If you monitor my site over time, you will find an unusually wide range of fine art. Along with that fine art you will see autographs, unusual books, folk art, Native American and other ethnographic objects, and the occasional ceramic or textile piece.

Browse the over 3,000 pieces, an eclectic group assembled over a period of many years from a wide variety of sources, including estate sales, antiques and consignment shops, and quality antiques flea markets in Southern California, New England, Florida and elsewhere.


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