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Tibetan Lady's Purse with Silver Carvings #4
Japanese Cloisonne Double Gourd Obidome -Taisho Era
Chinese Scroll Painting of a Bird in a Cage -19th Century
On Request
Burmese Lacquered Gilded Pitcher Cup & Saucer Set - 19th Century
Chinese PotteryStatue of a Han Warrior - 206BC- 220AD
Large Khmer Bronze Bangle - 12 Century
Chinese Nyonya Ware Plate with a Walking Sage - 19th C.
Chinese Jade Hoof Shaped Ornament #2 Hongshan
Chinese Jade Pig Dragon Zhulong - Hongshan
Rare Ancient Stucco Heads of a Gandhara Deity - 1st Century
Chinese Huanghuali Tea Stand 18th century
Chinese Tang Amber Glazed Bowl - 617 - 907 AD
Chinese Bamboo Lacquer Food Basket - 19th Century
Chinese Nyonya Plate with Auspicious Symbols - 19th Century
Chinese Huanghuali Cabinet Veneer 17th Century
Rare Large Chinese Ming Jar with Four Scenes 15th Century
Chinese Large Assorted Color Glass Bead Necklace - 19th Century
Chinese Red Glass Bead Choker Necklace - Middle Qing