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Very Large Rare Tibetian DragonTemple Pillar Carpet
6 Chinese Burlwood Buttons - Qing Dynasty 19th Century
Chinese Natural Amber Pendant of Year of the Monkey
Tibetan Temple Carpet - 19th Century #5
Tibetan Leather Lady's Purse w/ Silver Workings
Chinese Year of the Monkey Jade Pendant
Chinese Natural Amber Snuff Bottle with Two Cranes
Chinese Bronze Flying Horse of Gansu Replica
Chinese Natural Amber Bat Pendant
Chinese Bamboo Opium Scale - Qing 19th Century
Chinese Woodblock Erotic Art Scroll - Qing
Chinese Porcelain Plate with Bats - 19th C.
Chinese Nyonya Ware Plate with Good Luck Symbols - 19th Century
Chinese Blue & White Chop Ink Box - Qing
Chinese Nyonya Ware Bowl with Butterflies - 19th Century
Chinese Nyonya Ware Plate with a Walking Sage - 19th C.
Chinese Blue and White Drum Stool - Qing 19th C.
Chinese Scroll Painting of a Bird in a Cage -19th Century