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Eye-catching Hirokazu Ichikawa art deco ceramic vase. B.1959 Ichikawa has won many prizes including the Kyoto Art Exhibition 4x, Asahi Pottery Exhibition twice and many more. With original box. Ask for shipping quote.
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A Banko ceramic vase fired at the famous Banko Kilns in central Japan, recently known for museum quality art deco vases. The kilns had their start in the Edo Period (17th, 18th and 19th centuries). This sensational modernistic piece is signed by Hiroshi Shimizu and in its original box. Shimizu, born in 1944, is from a long line of legendary Banko artists. His father was declared a human cultural asset by the Government. Hiroshi himself has won a number of awards and prizes including the Minister's Prize at the Nitten National Art competition. Also he won the prestigious Chunichi National Pottery Prize. Comes with a catalog of his works.
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A masterpiece by one of Japan's leading wood-fired earthenware pottery masters, Takuma Murakoshi. Rough, earthy and marvelous glaze produced as only natural wood-fired kilns and shigaraki clays can create. 10" wide and *" tall. Ask for shipping quote.
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Yoshitaka Hasu was born in 1949 in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture. After earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering from National College of Technology and working for several years in development of telecommunication, he chose instead to pursue a career in ceramics. In 1975, he started an apprenticeship with ceramist Shiro Banura (1941-2001) in Iga. Banura was strongly inspired by Rozanjin (1883-1959), a famed ceramist and novelist with a discriminating taste, who advocated living with art through serving fine food with beautiful handmade utensils and decorating with flowers in exquisite vases. This philosophy, which blurs the distinction between utility and art, has been a major influence on Hasu’s work. In 1979, Hasu established his own studio in Iga, where he has been producing some of the most original and exciting work built upon the Iga tradition and this philosophy. This vase has its original paulownia tomobako box. Vase is 10" by 10". Ask for shipping quote.