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We would like to introduce the timeless and authentic beauty.

Spirit with WABI SABI

WABI SABI spirit has been nurtured under the Japanese culture. What is wabi sabi? It's very difficult to explain this concept by simple and precise words. If it is able to be depicted daringly, I can illustrate that it is seen as something poor at first glance, but by observation it is in fact it has flaming passion within. For example, the scene of the hut in autumn evening with withered flower or dead leaves but a noble man within the hut. The exterior is simple and poor. If one takes the effort to perceive more closely, they will find a noble man in the hut. Another example might be the snowy field, everything around it is white and cold but by observing we can find the sprout of the next spring. The works of art produced with wabi sabi concept are not made with a rich pageantry but have modest and noble beauty. They give a sense of harmony with nature. Our Japanese ancestors has been finding "wabi sabi" spirit in the goods from places such as China and Korea and Southeast asia. They have then been incorporating not only Japanese own goods but also them into japanese culture.


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