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Japanese chest-on-chest for clothing storage (isho kasane-dansu) from Yonezawa, constructed of hinoki (Chaemaecyparis obtusa) and keyaki (Zelkova serrata) drawer fronts, traditional Yonezawa style iron hardware with circular chased cherry blossom lock plates with melon shaped handles having pine bough back plates, tea seed pod drawer corners, interlocking side carrying handles, four drawers and lower right hinged door on upper section concealing two small drawers, all drawers papered on the inte...
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Burmese Karen Frog Drum, a fine large bronze tribute drum (Heger Type III), Pazi (Burmese), pam klo’ (Karen) also known as “The Magical Bronze Pond”(Cooler - Developmental Stage VII, Aerial Sequence, Category C three frogs, p.276)*, the Karen subsiding on slash and burn agriculture were rain dependent, and “rain drums” were beaten to bring on the rains for frogs croak prior to rain and the low frequency drum sounds excite the frogs to croak as well, and thus it was believed that the b...
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L'Asie Exotique
Antique Chinese Stoneware Oil Lamp, Shiwan kilns, Foshan, Guangdong Province. Variegated Copper Green glaze over a stoneware body in a balustrade shape reminiscent of the architectural elements produced by the Shiwan kilns for Southern China, with dish reservoir on top having a hole on center wherein the oil would be in reserve in the hollow of the stem and having three boss spur marks on the rim...
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Console D’Époque Louis XV, a two-legged French wall table, carved of oak, painted and parcel gilt edge decorations and “Rouge de Rance” Marble-Top. A shaped and polished serpentine top above a foliate and floral garland pierced frieze, raised on acanthine carved C-scroll legs joined by a decorative stretcher and ending in pointed square toes. Painted in shades of sage green and umber with relief details in gold leaf. Condition: Refreshed decoration...
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Antique English Georgian High Windsor Armchair, the contoured saddle seat with a rich grained elm, the rest crafted from yew, turned baluster legs joined by a a crinoline stretcher, a large and well detailed pierced-shaped back splat, outsplayed arms on incurved front arm- supports. Condition: typical minor natural splits to the yew, including to the top of the hoop back where the splat is pegged, one rear leg reattached...
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Antique English Victorian Large High-back Windsor Armchair, crafted of yew, ash and elm, a fir-tree pierced shaped splat, the scroll-ended arms on baluster turned front supports, elm saddle seat, on triple ring turned legs joined by a crinoline stretcher. Condition: outer edge of lower splat spliced, one arm with natural split from the front back to the hoop joint, otherwise fine condition. Measuring: 43-1/2” high x 22” deep x 23-1/2” wide (111cm x 57cm x 60cm)...
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Antique French Farmhouse Table, constructed as a double draw leaf dining table with square tapered legs and two drawers within the recessed apron, all made of Cherry with the exception of the interior panels of the leafs, which is made of ash. Seating can accommodate up to 12 places with full leaf extension. Signs of age and wear, otherwise fine condition. Circa 1800. Measuring: 32” high x 66-1/4” long x 32-1/2” deep, fully extended 30-1/2” high x 128-1/4” long x 32-1/2” deep.