L'Asie Exotique
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Watercolor : Pre 1980 item #1392220 (stock #CY93306)
L'Asie Exotique
Chinese ink and water colours painted on paper by the artist, Luis Chan (Chen Fushan) 1905-1995, a fantasy landscape depicting islands in a dream blue sea, one barren island formed of human form ghosts inhabited by one isolated fire breathing dinosaur, the other two islands inhabited by animals of varying types with just as varied vegetation. Signed in Chinese and English, dated 1972, and stamped with three artist's seals. Framed and Glazed. Excellent condition. Measuring: Painting, 28-1/2 in...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Pre 1940 item #1390871 (stock #CY93308)
L'Asie Exotique
German ink and water colours painted on paper by the artist, Emil Maetzel 1877 - 1955 “Zwei Nackte Knaben”1935. a deft ink painting of two adolescent boys in the shower, one standing in the foregound catching the water spray in his left hand, the other boy in the background bent over washing his left ankle, the void blackened, the figures in green and the water in blue. Signed in the lower left “Maetzel ‘35”. Excellent condition. Image measuring: 20in. high by 10-1/4in. wide...
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Woodcuts : Pre 1930 item #1390869 (stock #CY93307)
L'Asie Exotique
Erich Heckel (German, 1883 - 1970) Woodcut Print. Title: Junges mädchen / Young Woman (Dube 264 IIIB, Davis-Riffkind 1038, Brücke 14). Original woodcut carved & printed in 1913, woodcut later revised in 1920. There are a few signed impressions pulled in 1913; in 1920 he created a new edition for the deluxe art periodical, Genius, in which according to Annemarie & Wolf-Dieter Dube, Erich Heckel...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 2000 item #1385181 (stock #CY93305)
L'Asie Exotique
“November Composition”, 1991 by Beatrice Findlay, oil and sand on canvas diptych. Excellent condition. Measuring: 48 inches high x 72 inches wide...
All Items : Fine Art : Drawings : Pencil : Pre 1970 item #1373360 (stock #CY93309)
L'Asie Exotique
Pencil Drawing on Paper by the Bolivian Surrealist artist, Benjamin Mendoza y Amor Flores (1935 - 2014), untitled of a Man laying on his back holding a large fish on top of him and between his legs, the fish has his mouth open revealing shark’s teeth and has the man’s head within his bite. Mendoza was known for his dream/nightmare drawings, juxtaposing good and evil in unconventional forms...
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Engravings : Pre 1800 item #1371043 (stock #UH80069)
L'Asie Exotique
Italian Copper plate engraving of a famous classical statue of two men wrestling, plate XXIX from the Roman publication of 1704 Raccolta di statue antiche e moderne, by Domenico de Rossi & Paulo Alessandro Maffei titled “La Lotta Gruppo di Statue Gia in Roma Negl'orti Medicei, hoggi in Firenze nella Galleria del Gran Duca”, the 29th plate from 163 engraved plates of statues. Plate size 345mm high x 215mm wide, paper wider, framed with double mat, glazed and giltwood surround, measuring ove...
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Woodcuts : Pre 1990 item #1369240 (stock #CY93301)
L'Asie Exotique
Contemporary Japanese woodblock print (Sosaku hanga) by the female artist Reika Iwami (b. 1927, Tokyo) titled “Water Fantasy A”of a setting full moon on the wavy horizon with birds in flight and a Korean wedding duck on a board in the foreground, a black ink and gold leaf on paper, the title in the lower margin with pencil signature, dated ‘83 (1983) and numbered 2/70, measuring 18" x 24-3/8", framed and glazed 27" x 32-1/2". $1,200.