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L'Asie Exotique
Studio Ceramic Vase by Martha Longenecker San Diego, circa 1980. A globular stoneware form with wide tall neck, double glazed celadon over brown, the interior glazed in brown. The concave base unglazed and ribbing impressions, signed in ink “Longenecker”. One ; large break repaired, break line apparent, otherwise acceptable condition (not watertight, decorative only). 7-1/2 in. high x 6-3/4 in. in diameter. (19 x 17.2 cm) 2 lbs. 6 oz...
All Items : New Century : Ceramics : Pottery : Pre 1990 item #1410127 (stock #UH80192)
L'Asie Exotique
Studio Ceramic Vase by Martha Longenecker, San Diego. circa 1980. A squat globular stoneware form with a short neck and narrow mouth, glazed in brown and celadon stopping short of the slightly concave base with an impressed seal of the artist. An additional inked “6648C” on the base. Excellent condition. 4-1/8 in. high x 5-3/8 in. in diameter. (10.5 x 13.5 cm) 1 lb. 7 oz...
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L'Asie Exotique
Japanese Collagraph Print by Tsuguo Yanai (b. 1953, Hagi, Yamaguchi), titled “Broken Heart” in Japanese with the printing number 2/30 under the image on the left and pencil signature “’84” to the right. Exhibited and purchased at the 30th CWAJ Print Show in Tokyo 1985. Measuring: 24-1/2” high x 18” wide, Framed and Glazed 32” high x 24-3/4” wide. Excellent condition.
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L'Asie Exotique
Contemporary American Pedestal Occasional Table, crafted in the tradition of a Georgian pedestal table with a tripod base, hand forged iron; wrought, welded and hammered having a circular top with raised lip , center post with mid-section having a raised band, terminating in three arched legs with flattened feet, covered in gold pigment and hand finished. Excellent condition. Measuring: 22-1/2 inches high x 12-1/4 inches in diameter, the three feet radiate out 8 inches from the center post poi...
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Contemporary Indian Rustic Style Side Table, constructed out of painted reclaimed hardwood, possibly teak, each plank painted in a variety of colours in various states of adhesion. The overall form is a double Frustum , having a square base and square top, the sides formed of 8 equilateral polygons forming a waist equidistant from top or bottom. Measuring 12 inches square and 20 inches high. Fine Condition. 21st Century.
All Items : New Century : Furniture : Pre 2000 item #1349939 (stock #UH80023)
L'Asie Exotique
Filipino Kamagong pedestal, carved from one solid piece of center cut Diospyros philppensis, an indigenous hard wood to the Philippines and Taiwan, known for having a beautiful tiger striped grain, heavy and dense composition, the design is of a tapered square on a square base with dramatic grain contrast. Excellent condition Measuring: 17-1/2" high. Base 9" square, The top 8-1/2" square. 20th century.