L'Enfant Gallery - Fine Art Paintings, Asian Art, Antiques
Double Wick English Early Nineteenth Century Chamber Lamp Pewter 7”x6”
English Early Nineteenth Century Chamber Stick Fancy Carved Flowers
Pewter Chamber Stick, American, c.1825, 4.5x5.5"
Brass Boot Form Chamber Stick, probably English, 19th cent., 5x5.5"
Pewter Chamber Stick with Snuffer, American, c. 1870, 4.5x6.5"
Russian Czar Peter The Great Era Candlestick Rocco Style 13”x8”
Sheffield Silver Plate Chamber Stick, English, early 19th cent., 4x6"
Russian Copper & Brass Urn Asian Form
Art Nouveau Chamber Stick, American, late 19th cent., 2x6.5"
Russian Alexander III Hand Hammered Copper Coffee Pot 13x10”
Russian Transisional Art Nouveau Four Handle Urn 14”x 12”
Russian Art Nouveau Copper Amphora Shaped Urn 15x8”
Anglo-French Nineteenth Century Chamber Stick Rare Form 3”x11”
An English Early Pierced Cup Design Chamber Stick Brass
English Late Eighteenth Century Chamber Stick Brass 2”x12”
English Chamber Stick Early Nineteenth Century Brass 5x5”
English Chamber Stick Rare Large Size Polished Brass 19th Century
Silver Plate Chamber Stick, English, c. 1840, 3.5x6.5"