Maklaiheung Gallery
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An extremely RARE Yueyao Tripod Censer from Jin Dynasty, 3-4th Century
A Fine Bronze Mirror Crisply-cast with a Fierce Tiger, Eastern Han Dyn
Rare 18th Century Bencharong Porcelain Teacup from Jingdezhen
A Rare Qijia Culture Pottery Jar with Single Handle
Han Dynasty Jar with Green and Amber Glaze
A Tang Dynasty Pottery Water Pot with a Sancai Green and Brown Glaze
Liao Sancai Saucer Dish Incised with Ruyi Yunwen Motif
Liao Sancai Saucer Dish with Green Glaze, incised with Haitang Flower
A Pair of Han Dynasty Green Glazed Pottery Ear Cups
Ming Dynasty Fujian Kiln Brown-Glazed Porcelain Covered Box
Qing Dynasty Green Enamelled Overglaze Jar-Kangxi Mark, Guangxu period
Jingdezhen Cultural Revolution Enamelled Porcelain Plate
Ming Dynasty Longquan Celadon Tripod Censer with Corded Handles
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Yuan Dynasty Jun Yao Bowl with a Light Blue Glaze
Late Song or Yuan Dynasty Jun Yao Bowl with a Crackled Glaze
A Pair of Ming Dynasty Figures of Musicians with Instruments.
Song Dynasty Ding Yao dish with Incised Daylilies.
Tang Dynasty Changsha Yao Waterpot