Maklaiheung Gallery
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Machang Culture Pottery Bowl, 2300-2000BCE
Late Eastern Han Dynasty Grey Pottery Figure of a Ram
A Tang Dynasty Pottery Figure Group of a Nursing Dog with Four Puppies
A Tang Dynasty Amber Glazed Pottery Figure of a Sleeping Duck
Tang Dynasty Cream Glazed Pottery Figure of a Reclining Boar
Indus Valley Large Decorated Jar, circa 2,500 BCE.
A Pair of Han Dynasty Green Glazed Pottery Ear Cups
A Tang Dynasty Yue Yao Stoneware Jar with an Olive Green Glaze.
A Tang Dynasty Pottery Water Pot with a Sancai Green and Brown Glaze
Han Dynasty Jar with Green and Amber Glaze
Han Dynasty Earthenware Granary (Qun) on Three Bear-shaped Feet
A Rare Qijia Culture Pottery Jar with Single Handle
Extremely RARE Ban Chiang Pottery Pedestal Cup with Human Figures
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Superb Ban Chiang Pottery Pedestal Cup, Late First Millennium BCE
On Request
Han Dynasty Burnished Black Pottery Amphora
A Unique Bernard Leach Incised Pottery Mug
A Fine Pottery Tomb Figure of a Foreigner, Northern& Southern Dynastie