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Welcome to the web page of Mehmet Sanli, master textile and carpet restorer from Aksaray, Turkey. Here you will find a gallery of Anatolian and Yoruk Kurdish hand woven rugs, carpets, bags and other traditional textiles for sale. These textiles vary greatly in age, pigments, materials and weaving techniques, and all pertinent information will be given in the item description. Textiles that have restorations or will be restored will be noted. Unless otherwise indicated, all restorations are included in the purchase price, as are all shipping charges. Please note that Mehmet only speaks Turkish, so any questions regarding any aspect of these textiles- iconography and symbolism, shipping, etc can be addressed in English, French or Italian to Paul Rossi at More photographs, or photos of details, are available upon request. Otherwise Mehmet can be reached directly at or by phone and WhatsApp at 00905385822790.


Master craftsman Mehmet Sanli was born January 1, 1965, the eldest sibling in a family of three sons and a daughter. In 1978, at the age of 13, he began his training and his life's work in carpet restoration, first apprenticed in Istanbul and then in Capadoccia, opening his own shop in Aksaray in 1982. Married with two sons and two grandchildren, he lives in Aksaray Sultanhan, and his shop is located across from the Aksaray Sultanhan Caravanserai. He collects antique and semi antique rugs from the neighboring Anatolian villages primarily, though the textiles he has restored come from many different ethnic groups, and thereafter meticulously restores them to their original beauty. These rugs, woven by women for generations, are one of the world's great artistic and cultural traditions. For Mehmet, the restoration of these carpets and other weavings is a lifelong labor of love, and he is dedicated to preserving their beauty and sharing their cultural significance. Carpets that he has restored and sold are in collections worldwide. Enjoy your visit!


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