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Momoyama Gallery
Richard van Norten - by appointment
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Fine Asian and African Art

The Momoyama Gallery is selling fine antique Asian and African Art with a special emphesis on Japanese tea bowls for tea ceremony (chawan for chado), Ceramic Art (especially Japanese Ceramics), Asian Painting like hanging scroll art and ukiyo-e and unique religious art.

We present items from the Momoyama, Edo and Meiji Period as well as contemporary Studio Art from Japans leading potters like Shoji Hamada, Matsuzaki Ken and Tsujimura Shiro, rare and precious tea bowls, Samurai pieces, exquisite Chinese Antique Art and antique Buddha Statues.

We also offer a fine and exclusive small selection of important African Art like tribal art, masks, statues and fetish objects.

We constantly take care that every piece of Asian and African Art in our exhibition is original, unique an aesthetically pleasing.

Sales Policy

Our private collection has been built over years on many journeys to Japan, China and Africa as well because of our worldwide relations and contacts to collectors, antique-dealers and museums.

All of the presented items and pieces of art are owned by our family in Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland, some of them for centuries.

We assure you to do our best to accurately describe each item and to ensure that our photographs show each item from all angles. To buy and shop with confidence, we offer PayPal Buyer Protection-Policy.

Please feel free to contact us. We speak english, french and german.

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