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Momoyama Gallery

In our opinion this is the best Iga Vase, we have ever seen. Massive and intentionally distorted Vase of wonderful native Iga clay. The vase is 3300 g heavy and has a height of 8,1'' and a width of 7,1'', which is very tall for an antique Iga vase.

The vase was made between 1800 - 1850 during the later Edo Period and is in good antique condition. No repairs. Only an untimportant chip on the bottom caused during the process of firing. The vase comes with an old wooden box...

All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Stoneware : Pre 1492 item #1226496 (stock #0083)
Momoyama Gallery

A 13th.century ko seto Kamakura vase in elegantly-shaped meiping form, with a gradual outward curve on the shoulder, with short-knopped neck, incised beneath the greenish-yellow / olive glaze.

The box was added by our gallery 20 years ago. It was made by a tomobako artist, and there is written 'ko seto kamakura vase' if my memory does not fool me. The vase is decorated with kanji letters.

Marked on the bottom ( maybe a kiln mark ).

It is in good condition...