Chinese and Japanese Asian Art by David Hawkes
A Japanese gold lacquer kagamibako, 17th ~ 18th Century
Cloisonne Enamel Writing Box (Suzuribako), 
Ando Company, 1930.
A Fine Old Japanese Ceremonial Sake Pourer, Hisage.
A Japanese Flute, Nohkan, and associated Fan
Chinese Water Coupe, Wanli Mark, 18thC ~ 19thC.
Chinese Soapstone Seal, Inscription, 20thC.
Fine Large Carved Agate Snuff Bottle.
Amusing Japanese Tobacco Box, Tomobako. Signed
Japanese Wood Sculpture of a Poet, perhaps Basho.
Scholars Playing Go, Arita, circa 1780~1800
Large Arita Deep Dish, Circa 1670 ~ 1690.
Japanese Porcelain Dragon Plate, circa 1750~1780
Arita Imari Dragon Plate, #1, circa 1750~1780
Japanese Celadon Landscape Dish, circe 1750 ~ 1780
Japanese Arita Shishi and Botan Charger, 18th century
Arita Oil Bottle, 17th/18th century.
Small Arita Landscape Plate, Circa 1780