E & M Perez Ellen and Michael Perez
E & M Perez
A very unusual and well carved folky wood cane with iron ferrule and silver band below handle, dense wood, rusty brown color, possibly a fraternal object, late 19th century, a fine example of folk art found in walking sticks, canes, and staffs. Measures 25" high and 3 3/4" wide at handle, the carved section and handle at the top measure 4 3/4" the silver band is 1/2". The entire staff is deeply carved with cross hatch design, with four animal figures around the handle area, more deep carving a...
E & M Perez
A superb example of American folk art at its finest, this cane or walking stick is large and dramatic, featuring a polychromed hand holding an egg, above an applied metal collar that is embossed with linear designs, and painted gold. Measures 38 1/2" high, 3" wide at the hand, and 2" deep. The hand section is 6 3/4" high, the metal collar band 2 3/8". The staff is incised with horizontal marks, some deep, and the shaft has a deep red brown stain, with lighter wood visible in a few spots where...
E & M Perez
A very folky and artful cane or walking stick, constructed of hardwood peeled tree branch with wrought iron horse head, in modernist, brutalist style, early to mid 20th century, wonderful sculptural form. Measures The head consists of various pieces of iron, all welded together to form the head of a horse, with spiked mane, head uplifted with great sense of energy...