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Welcome to Period Pieces!
Period Pieces specializes in antique jewelry, primarily the pieces that are about 95 to 150 years old. Within that category, my focus is on Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts jewels, especially pieces that strongly display the primary characteristics of those styles. I find that they are the ones that really make me sit up and take notice Ė and pull at my heart strings. Alas, pieces from these two movements are becoming increasingly rare in the market place. I also deal in Victorian, Edwardian, and (when I can) Georgian jewels. Using my gemology skills and the experience Iíve accumulated over the years, I examine every piece I acquire very carefully, so that I can describe it accurately to my buyers. If you are looking for a specific type of piece and donít see it here, please feel free to contact me with an inquiry.

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The photographs are a part of the description. Please examine them carefully, but while doing so, remember that they enlarge the jewel a great deal, which means that they also enlarge any imperfections the piece might have Ė usually as a result of age and wear.

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