Period Pieces Art Nouveau Jewelry
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Edwardian : Pre 1930 item #1432349 (stock #RE09026)
Period Pieces
Here is a sweet pair of earrings from England. Rubies symbolize love and immortality. Pearls symbolize purity and harmony. What a great combination for these pretty earrings! They test as 10kt gold, although they are marked 375 for 9kt. The hanging flower basket motif is quite charming. They contain a total of 16 rubies and 18 seed pearls. The total length is 1-7/8”, and together they weight 4.3g. As is often the case with older earrings, it’s possible that the wires are replacements...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Art Nouveau : Pre 1920 item #1432258 (stock #RP09177)
Period Pieces
Here is a graceful pin or brooch from the Art Nouveau/Edwardian era. Brought to Europe by the Crusaders from St. John’s Island (Zabargard), peridot is the August birthstone, and is considered to be a stone of healing and protection. This round peridot is framed by an oval of seed pearls, set into a delicate swirl of gold set with more seed pearls, for a total of 30 (2 are replacements). Stamped 14k on the back, with an illegible maker’s mark, it measures 1-1/2” x 7/16" and weighs 2.0g...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1980 item #1432180 (stock #RR12167)
Period Pieces
Here is a terrific ring centered by a navette-shaped lapis lazuli (traditionally a stone of royalty, also signifying truth and inner strength), with specks of pyrite for a bit of sparkle. The stone measures 3/4” N to S, and 1/4” E to W. The setting is made of 14kt yellow gold, formed into graceful curlicues. It is stamped 14k, and also has a maker’s mark, which appears to be “KBN” and also a dot in a circle. The size is between 5-1/4 and 5-1/2, and it weighs 5.5g...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Victorian : Pre 1910 item #1432145 (stock #RP08149)
Period Pieces
Here is a very sweet pin showing two cupids, a boy and a girl, looking sweet, serene, and loving. Their wings are a pale purple or mauve color, nicely complimenting the 900 silver. The girl is wearing a tiny necklace of roses. The pin measures 1” x 1-3/4” and weighs 5.7g. The clasp might be a replacement, but the rest is all original, and the pin is in excellent antique condition. It is stamped “DEPOSE” (“patent or registration in France”). C 1900...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Arts and Crafts : Pre 1910 item #1432092 (stock #RN09175)
Period Pieces
Here is an unusual sterling silver and enamel pendant, which comes out of the Arts & Crafts movement, spearheaded by William Morris, John Ruskin, et al. The enamel colors are associated with the women’s suffrage movement in the UK: green (Give), white (Women the), and violet (Vote) – or at least, that’s the story! The free-standing wire work (so unusual!) interlaces around the body of the piece, and holds an oval of mother-of-pearl in place. Also unusual is the use of brown enamel...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1432034 (stock #RE11031)
Period Pieces
Emeralds (birthstone for May) have been thought to preserve love and bring wisdom. These sweet bright green emerald earrings are unmarked, but the gold tests as 14kt. They are 13/16” long, and the buttercup settings measure 1/2” across. The stones measure 5-1/2mm across. I believe the ear wires used to have hooks to slip into, but those are gone and the stubs smoothed over for comfort. One of the emeralds is chipped in the back, but both stones face up well...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Pre 1980 item #1431961 (stock #RP05072)
Period Pieces
Here is a pin with an ancient Celtic design: two birds with enameled wings, bodies and eyes, with interlaced (also called “entrelac”) silver above and below. The enamel is in red, blue, green, and white. It is marked 925 for sterling silver, and has several other marks which are illegible. 1-1/2” X 1-1/4”. There are a couple places where the enamel isn’t perfect – please see photos...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1920 item #1431914 (stock #RN08161)
Period Pieces
Here is a beautiful necklace featuring 2 large and lovely grass-green peridots. The central stone is cushion cut, and the dangle is pear-shaped. It is decorated with a total of 28 seed pearls of colors that vary a little, as is usual, set into leaves & vine-like gold ribbons...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Other Metals : Period : Pre 1900 item #1431844 (stock #AB5-219)
Period Pieces
This bangle bracelet is quintessentially Victorian. It is a hinged bangle made in the crossover style, with an ornamented top. The rectangular box ornament on top is flanked by a half-circle ornament on either side. It is gold filled, with moderately worn plating and dates from the late 1800s or very early 1900s. It is unmarked.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1910 item #1431808 (stock #RSP10061)
Period Pieces
Here is a delightful lioness with emerald-green glass eyes, and a diamond in her mouth. The detailing of her face – whiskers, mane, etc. - are very nicely done. She is made from unmarked but tested 14kt yellow gold. Her head measures 1/2” x 5/8”, and the total length is 2-3/4”. The pin is very straight, which is somewhat unusual! In excellent antique condition. Circa 1900. The photos are part of the description. Please examine them carefully. Thanks! We do lay-away. Shipping, handling...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Art Nouveau : Pre 1910 item #1431742 (stock #RR11156-N)
Period Pieces
Here is a very pretty little pendant, centering a blue sapphire cabochon within an Art Nouveau framework of 14kt yellow gold. Above is a pearl. It is signed by the well known Whiteside & Blank company and stamped 14. When we found it, it was a ring that had been made from a stickpin, so we felt free to remake it into a necklace, since as a ring it wasn’t very practical. It measures just under 1 inch from the top of the bail by 1/2” at the widest point. We have 14kt gold chains for sale, shou...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Deco : Pre 1930 item #1431696 (stock #RR12165)
Period Pieces
Here is one of our favorite rings. It features a jade-like green chalcedony center stone, surrounded by red and green Celtic interlace (also called entrelac) enamel. There is more interlace on the shank. Perfect for Christmas, but always very wearable. It is just slightly smaller than size 6, and the top measures 13/16” x 5/8”. Chalcedony was thought by Native Americans to promote harmony and good will. It is stamped 14K, and “KB”. There is a small amount of enamel loss, but otherwise i...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Edwardian : Pre 1920 item #1431591 (stock #RR09145)
Period Pieces
Here is one of our very favorite rings. It would make a lovely engagement ring for a woman who wants something a bit different. Also the red & green stones make it great for Christmas, St. Patrick’s, or really any other time! The central diamond is approximately 20 points (1/5 of a carat, but looks bigger), and is set in platinum. The rest of the setting is made of unmarked but tested 14k gold of a lovely rich yellow. There are 4 tiny rubies and 3 tiny green demantoid garnets. It’s very har...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1940 item #1431546 (stock #RE04003)
Period Pieces
These lovely earrings have nice long dangles – the entire earring measures 1-3/4 long, and the dangle is 1-5/16”. They measure just under 1/2” at the widest point. The dangles have a charming bird and flower motif. They are black enamel and gold plate or gold filled. Damascene jewelry has been made since the Victorian era in Portugal and Spain, and earrings with lever-back findings came into production c. 1900. We aren’t certain about the age, so we’re going with pre-1940. They are i...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Art Nouveau : Pre 1910 item #1431511 (stock #RP11192)
Period Pieces
Here is an English pin featuring a large peridot (1 cm x 6 mm or 3/8” x 2/8”), and, on either side, seed pearl-set gold shamrocks. Flanking those are 3 green garnets (demantoids) per side, plus 1 above and 1 below the peridot. Peridot symbolizes spring and youthfulness, and it is said to bring wealth and health. On either side is an Art Nouveau whiplash of gold with more pearls. Stamped 15ct. The brooch weighs 5.1 g and measures 1-9/16” x 5/8”. Three of the tiny seed pearls are missing, ...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Arts and Crafts : Pre 1920 item #1431440 (stock #RP09173)
Period Pieces
Here is a pin that we just love! The colors are so pretty, and the leafy design is so very Arts & Crafts. It consists of a berry and leaf motif, highlighted by a central cushion-cut cabochon blue chalcedony (thought to bring good luck), with a round green aventurine cabochon on either side. Measuring 1-1/4” x 3/8", it is unmarked but tests as silver. It is in excellent condition, although the pin is a little bent (pretty typical for these old pieces). The pin stem assembly may be a replacement...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1431393 (stock #RN04019)
Period Pieces
Here is a classic Victorian pin/pendant, with a pinwheel motif, with 9 lovely bright dark purple garnet and glass doublets (from the period when amethysts were quite rare and expensive, so they made these doublets out of comparatively inexpensive material), and lots of seed pearls. It has both a pin stem assembly for use as a brooch, and a jump ring so it can be worn as a necklace. It is stamped 10k on the clasp. There is a small break in the gold framework, which isn’t noticeable without magn...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Victorian : Pre 1900 item #1431357 (stock #RM10138)
Period Pieces
Here is a sterling silver buckle with a floral motif with plique a jour (translucent) enamel. These buckles with plique are quite unusual. The plique is red, two shades of blue, and green. It is signed with a “JK” above another “JK” in a box. It has marks for London, 1886, and a duty mark. Measuring 3-1/8” x 2-1/4", it weighs 32.7g or 1.16 oz. It is in very good condition. The plique has a few hairlines and some bubbles, which is normal for this type of enamel. The red and blue plique ...