Period Pieces Art Nouveau Jewelry
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1950 item #1366049 (stock #RR10154)
Period Pieces
This ring is classic and simply gorgeous – when worn, the liveliness of the stones is riveting! A demantoid from the original mines in the Ural Mountains of Russia that is this big is very rare. This one is slightly oval, has the diagnostic horsetail inclusions, and is of an older cut. Some of the facets are a little abraded, but its beauty is still remarkable, especially since we’ve just had the table (the top flat facet) re-polished...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1960 item #1359969
Period Pieces
Here is a lapel pin of Shriners or Masonic symbolism: a crescent moon with a sword or scimitar. It is set with 12 single cut diamonds. It has a screw back, and an additional prong, which we assume is to anchor the pin so it doesn’t rotate. The original finding or fitting is stamped 14, and all the yellow gold tests as 14k. The top metal is almost certainly white gold. It measures 3/4”, the finding is 5/8”, and the whole thing weighs 2.4g. In excellent condition...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1980 item #1364115 (stock #RR12167)
Period Pieces
This ring is centered by a beautiful piece of navette-shaped lapis lazuli (traditionally a stone of royalty, also signifying truth and inner strength), with specks of pyrite for a bit of sparkle. The stone measures 3/4” N to S, and 1/4” E to W. The setting is made of 14k yellow gold, formed into graceful curlicues. It is stamped 14k, and also has a maker’s mark, which appears to be β€œKBN” and also a dot in a circle. The size is between 5-1/4 and 5-1/2, and it weighs 5.5g...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1940 item #1363143 (stock #RP08132)
Period Pieces
Here is a shield-shaped sorority pin (9/16 x 1/2”), with 16 tiny seed pearls set around the perimeter, and 3 colored stones. The 2 upper stones are emerald green, the bottom one is sapphire blue. They are too tiny to identify with certainty. The shield is crossed by a band of white enamel bisecting a background of black enamel. On the band are the Greek letters Kappa Phi, and in gold on one side is a candle stick and on the other is a flower...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Period : Pre 1980 item #1369401 (stock #RR07098)
Period Pieces
This Victorian-style ring is very nicely done. The elaborate gothic prongs set off the large iolite (approx. 2 ct.), and there are 4 small single cut accent diamonds. The setting measures 7/8” north to south, and 3/4” east to west. Approximately size 8-1/2. It is marked 14k, the setting is red gold and the shank is yellow gold, perhaps because it was re-sized at some point. The stones are in excellent condition, and of a modern cut...