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We ship via Priority Mail!

Your costume jewelry is cash, not trash!

Thousands of people every year throw away their costume jewelry. Some believe that these pieces are worthless if they don't have diamonds and rare stones, while others are just too overwhelmed with their inheritance to even look into selling it. Thanks to the internet, there is a new and easy option for selling these pieces!

We buy:

  • Sterling silver
  • Signed & unsigned pieces
  • Vintage plastics, including lucite and bakelite
  • Matched sets or single pieces
  • Jewelry with glass or semiprecious stone beads
  • Filigree and enameled pieces
  • Much much more!

SmallPleasuresAntiques is here! Selling your costume jewelry to us is as simple as putting it in a box instead of the trash can.


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We ship via Priority Mail!

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