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Small Pleasures, Antiques Collectibles
A happily little soul evidently getting much pleasure from the clashing together two metal pot lids. She kneels with her feel tucked under, and her "cymbals" are held on high for maximum effect. Her cheeks are dimpled, her eyes are blue, and she wears a close-fitting brown bonnet, held in place under her chin by a huge pink-brown bow; her curled light brown hair can be seen at her forehead and cheeks.

Her blue suit comprises a tight-fitting short jacket, buttoned at the front, and edged at the cuffs with white; the loose skirt covers her legs abut her brown shes protrude beneath it.

Both pot lids, one larger than the other, are gay-brown: one has a strap, the other a knob. A well-fashioned piece 3.5" high on a rounded natural base 2" across; it is stable with no vulnerable features. This appears to have been taken out of production in 1988, and is not easy to find; The impressed AB is bound on the back of the child's bonnet.

List price is $235.00

Small Pleasures, Antiques Collectibles
He wears a clown's outfit of light-blue. He sits on a barrel, evidently singing while he plays his own accompaniment on an accordion. His light-brown hair is swept back from his face in a cascade of curls which reaches his collar.

His jacket has wide sleeves and a ruffled white collar, his trousers are bell-bottomed with turnups; His shoes are gray. ON each sleeve and each leg , as well as at the neck, he wears a large fluffy white button decoration.

His instrument ( either concertina or accordion) is realistically presented with a loop for the left hand and a box-like structures for the notes, evidently played with the right hand. The short barrel on which he sits is gray, and is decorated with new moons and five -pointed stars in pale brown (the star beneath his leg is left unpainted.)

This is an all-action piece which has sound detail throughout. The model stands 5" high on a broad base, and it is stable and robust. It appears to have been taken out of production about 1988, and is not commonly found now. The AB marks in on the side of the barrel.

List price is $295.00