Antique Quilts: From Stella Rubin Antiques, Quilt expert and author
Hector Aguilar Silver and Wood Flatware Set
Ronald Hayes Pearson Gold Biomorphic Brooch with Turquoise
Ed Wiener Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet: Circa 1950
Zuni Petit Point Turquoise Cuff Bracelet
Matl (Matilde Poulat) Sterling Brooch
Navajo Silver and Turquoise Hair Barrette
Sterling Silver Jungle Animal Sculptures
Silver Box by William G. Matteo: Circa 1950
Sam Kramer Silver Earrings with Moonstones: Circa 1950
Los Castillo Metal Sconces:Circa 1940; Mexico
Moroccan Berber Bead Necklace
William Spratling Silver Flatware Set
Modernist Silver Face Cufflinks
TANE Sterling Silver and Wood Cufflinks
William Spratling Sterling Silver Shot Glasses
William Spratling Sterling Silver Letter Opener
Hematite and Steel Modernist Cufflinks
Matilda Poulat (Matl) silver and Jewel Cross