American Artists are our fine arts specialty. Oil paintings by American artists are always available at Susquehanna Antique Company in georgetown
American Artists Currently In Stock
We update this page frequently. Some of these American artists may not be posted to our catalog. Likewise, we may have an American artist in stock whom does not yet appear on this page. Please eMail requests for specific artists to or telephone 202-333-1511.

Cecil Chichester
Ann Weibel
Abraham Manievich?
Enoch Wood Perry
Adam Emory Albright
Martins Krumins
Hayley Lever
Emily Selinger
William de Monatine Cary
James N. Rosenberg
Charles T. Phelan
Charles Gus Mager
Pluma Brown
Cesare Ricciardi
Hal Robinson
Allen Tucker
Henry Humphrey Moore
William M. Prior
J. Winthrop Andrews
Gustave Langenberg
Charles Salis Kaelin
Henry Pember Smith
Frederick James Gill
Louis Wolchonok
Lemuel D. Eldred
Alfred Addy
Joseph Morviller
Robert Phillip
Justin Austin Sands Monks
William Baxter Closson
C. Myron Clark
Alice Estelle James
Virgil M. Williams
Walter Emerson Baum
J. Henry Hallberg
Milne Ramsey
Robert Street
George W. Seavey
Thomas Corwin Lindsay
Earl A. Titus
Saul Bernstein
Ellen Kendall Baker
Alvan Fisher
Charles Holbrook Carter
Julie Levy
Sidney Lawrence Brackett
Mary Rosamond Coolidge
Richard Emil Miller
Sophia T. Darrah
John Noble Barlow
Hiram Reynolds Bloomer
Theodore John Morgan
Charles Henry Miller
Francis Snowe
Jay Hall Connaway
Caleb Arnold Slade
Orville H. Root
John White A. Scott
Rebeka F. T. Furness
Samuel W. Griggs
Newbold H. Trotter
George Howell Gay
Stephen W. Macomber
Edwin F. Murdock
Robert Van Vorst Sewell
Waldo and Jewit
Albert Lorey Groll
Michael Lemmermeyer
Frederick Porter Vinton
Louis Michel Eilshemius
Allan Edwards
Richard L. Wright
George Henry Boughton
Brian A. Becken
Charles Wilson Knapp
George Laurence Nelson
Harry W. Newman
Waldo Murray
Gertrude B. Coffin
Henry Rankin Poore
Andrew T. Schwartz
Edgar Levy
George Robert Bonfield
Robert Street
John W. Reilly
Orren C. Richards
Edmund A. Willis
J. Steele
Paul Herzel
Arthur B. Carles
John Neagle
Henry Ernest Schnakenberg
Charlotte E. Tibbs
Israel Doskow
Benson B. Moore
Florence E. Nosworthy
Emma Parker Nordell
Carl H. Nordstrom
Magnus Bakke
Edmund Very
Bessie J. Howard
John Brewster
Carolyn VanHook Bean
Carle J. Blenner
George H. Boughton
Samuel Brecher
Walter Francis Brown
Emile A. Gruppe
Hildegard Hamilton
James Hamilton
William Hart
Franklin DeHaven
S. Phelps Hodgdon
John Wesley Jarvis
DeWitt C. Lockman
August F. Lundberg
Andrew Melrose
William R. Miller
Maurice Molarsky
Edgar Nye
Robert E. Owen
William H.C. Sheppard
Helena Sturtevant
Wesley Webber
Max Weyl

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