The Genius Of Man The Genius Of Man
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The Genius Of Man
A visually striking pair of Northern Woodlands beaded moccasins dating from the Mid-20th Century or possibly much earlier. They have no restoration and there is one small abrasion on the underside of the left piece. In the same collection for many years and just now available for purchase.
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The Genius Of Man
Chinese bone scroll holder deftly carved and further ornamented with an incredibly realistic wooden frog wrapped around the upper part. The piece is hollow and comes apart to make two pieces with a hollow inner tube. It measures 6 3/4" in height and is painted with a complex water scene with lily pads, dragonflies, frogs, water striders, butterflies, and other water loving denizens. The pigment colors are a soft green, black, and brown...A truly exceptional creation from an ancient culture with many eons of talent to fall back upon.
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The Genius Of Man
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A striking Guro mask from The Ivory Coast collected in South Africa in the 1950'S. It measures 24" in height by 6" in width and represents the spirit of Gu, the wife of Zamble, a supernatural being. Gu is often depicted as elegant, graceful, serene and beautiful. Sacred Guro masks, delicately crafted and colorful are used and honored during sacrifical gatherings, funerals, and celebrations. This piece is wildly ornate and truly fantastical! Due to its ornate delicate nature a couple of small pieces have been reglued but there is no restoration.