The Kura - Japanese Art Treasures
Thank you to everyone for their patience during the last few months since the Kumamoto Earthquake. Robert has been working with disaster relief group IDRO Japan in the earthquake affected areas of Kumamoto, and this has caused some delays in listing, messaging and shipping. Now back in the gallery and actively seeking new stock. For more on these efforts see IDRO Japan on Facebook.
Robert Mangold has been working with Japanese antiques since 1995 with an emphasis on ceramics, Paintings, Armour and Buddhist furniture.
Antique Japanese Sencha Tea Cups Decorated by Mori Kinseki
Sale Pending
Antique Japanese Yosegi Chawan Tea Bowl w/ Gold Repairs
Antique Japanese Chawan Tea Bowl with Gold Repairs
Momoyama p. Chossen Karatsu Chawan Pottery Kiln Flaw
Kairakuen Daimyo Feudal Kiln Okimono Chickens, Eiraku
Sale Pending
Antique Japanese Sometsuke Bowls by Eiraku Zengoro
Sale Pending
Antique Japanese Pottery Chatsubo Tea Leaf Storage Jar
Sale Pending
Antique Japanese Ao-Bizen Hotei Koro Incense Burner
Sale Pending
Antique Japanese Carved Bamboo Lotus Leaf Cup
Antique Japanese Edo p. Carved Buddhist Prayer Table
Antique Japanese Edo p Ukiyoe Scene, Afternoon Boating
On Request
Rare Japanese Mid-Edo p. Samurai Battle Painting
On Request
Museum Quality Antique Japanese Lacquer Writing Box
On Request
Antique Japanese Lacquered Covered Bowl Set, Basho Tree
Taisho Period Japanese Tsugaru Nuri Jubako Lacquer Box Set
Frolicking Tigers, Edo period Japanese Kano Screen
Early Edo Japanese Nagare- yu Yotsu-mimi Tamba Chatsubo
Stunning Antique Japanese Lacquered Suzuri-Bako Writing Box