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Tomoe Art
Bird and Flower. Painted with ink and pigments on silk. Signed Shuko Yuhi, which is the artist name of Kumashiro Yuhi.

Kumashiro Yûhi(1693-1773) was born in Nagasaki, the son of an official interpreter of Chinese. He learned painting under Shen Nan-p'in, a prominent Chinese artist from Wu Hsing, who had come to Nagasaki in 1731, and had a great influence on artists in Nagasaki during his stay. He introduced Chinese and Western painting techniques to Kyoto and Edo.

Some foxing is ...

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Tomoe Art
An exquisite bird and flower painting features a Java sparrow rests on a branch in resurrection lily. Circa early Edo period, early 17th Century. This delicate painting is executed on paper with ink and pigments. The both Java sparrow and the flower are not native to Japan, but they were imported as early as 17th century from China, when the artist was a official painter to the Tokugawa shogunate. Little is known about the artist: Kano Koi (-1636), identified as such by a seal at lower left, he ...
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Tomoe Art
A heron quietly stands still in reeds. Depicted on silk with ink. Heron has been a favorite bird of Japanese artists since ancient times. The Chinese character used for the name of the bird represents a dewdrop that shimmers in the morning sun. This may have reminded as the glistening dewdrop of the snow white plumage of the bird. White heron has also another name “Sekkaku” meaning a visitor in the snow. As shown in the names, the feeling of living moment of the bird has vividly captured in ...
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Tomoe Art
Ink bird and flower painting. A pair of seasonal birds called penduline tits perch on a willow tree depicted with blooming camellia. This bird and flower are commonly seen in winter in Kyushu area or southern part of Japan, where Chikuden often enjoyed traveling. Painted with ink on paper. Signed Chikuden and sealed. Tanomura Chikuden (1777-1835) was a Japanese painter of Edo period. He studied Confucianism as well as poetry and painting. He often mingled with the literati active during Bunka ...
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Tomoe Art
A winter scene featuring a bush warbler in a snow covered heavenly bamboo. Showa period, mid 20th century. Nandina or heavenly bamboo is widely grown in gardens as an ornamental plant. They continually changes color throughout the year. Although the common name heavenly bamboo, it is actually not a bamboo at all. All parts of the plant are poisonous and could potentially be fatal if ingested. Birds are not affected by these toxins and will disperse the seeds through their droppings. The berries ...