The Tretiak Collection
china old Ivory small flower vase
China song sung dynasty jar
35000.00 rmb
Japan Haku Maki 1990 Fuji-san three Images
exhibit only
Japan Haku Maki 1999 – 2000 Images @ the End
china ivory archer ring or toggle
please contact me
China jade
4000.00 rmb
china white jade elephant Mushrooms
18000.00 rmb
china frog on stand
china ivory woman 20th c
120,000.00 rmb
china old toggle Monkey frog and lion
15000.00 rmb
china deluxe cricket tickler tube
china ivory 3 plaques qing
@8500 3 20000 @$1300 33000
china white jade toggle child late Ming
12000.00 rmb
china old rosewood stand
Japan Haku Maki Poem 71-91 Much Ado about Much Mu
not for sale
china old huanghuali brushpot qing
40,000.00 rmb
china old stands 3
6000.00 rmb
chna old painting table Jichimu chicken wing
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