The Tretiak Collection
china old Ivory small flower vase
China song sung dynasty jar
35000.00 rmb
Japan Haku Maki 1990 Fuji-san three Images
exhibit only
Japan Haku Maki 1999 – 2000 Images @ the End
china ivory archer ring or toggle
please contact me
China jade
4000.00 rmb
china white jade elephant Mushrooms
18000.00 rmb
china frog on stand
china ivory woman 20th c
120,000.00 rmb
china old toggle Monkey frog and lion
15000.00 rmb
china deluxe cricket tickler tube
china ivory 3 plaques qing
@8500 3 20000 @$1300 33000
china white jade toggle child late Ming
12000.00 rmb
china old rosewood stand
Japan Haku Maki Poem 71-91 Much Ado about Much Mu
not for sale
china old huanghuali brushpot qing
40,000.00 rmb
china old stands 3
6000.00 rmb
chna old painting table Jichimu chicken wing
please contact me
china old guangxu dishes pair
22000.00 rmb
japan Tanaka Ryohei Print Master persimmons
China Repuiblican Porcelain jar guan tan
china old scepter ruyi cinnabar laquer qian long
please contact me
china old zitan rounded poster board the real deal
18000.00 rmb
china old toggles
Haku Maki Halberd which color the Sun? hoko II
china Old Rosewood frog weight non toggle
6500.00 rmb
China porcelain wine warmer republican
china porcelain late Qing 4 dishs dragon boat special
china amberr and Peking glass nuffs
china toggle Mortar and Pestle qing
5000.00 rmb
china old seal and seal Horn Republican
12000.00 rmb
China Zitan Qin zhuo Qing zither table
china bronze seal Ming growling frog
12000.00 rmb
china bamboo bird cage feeder
china silver young men (2) toggle
2700.00 rmb
japan Haku Maki 1967 moon song -1 2/50