The Tretiak Collection
China old zitan stand for small incense burnher
12000.00 rnb
China old bronze seal and ink box signed xiao cun
15,000.00 rmb
china old qin shape stand rosewood
1800.00 rmb
china ink box qin
9000.00 rmb
china teapot soapstone 1980s
china old silk jacket republican
12000.00 rmb
china old bronze seal turtles
7000.00 rmb
china toggles Ten huang yang mu
rnb35000 1 3000
china modern opera masks
2000.00 rnb
china Massive root carving early Qing
75,000.00 rmb
China Old soapsone teapot 20th
7000.00 rmb
china old silk coat 1920s
12000.00 rmb
japan Haku Maki Big Red Woman 1971 black sun
please enjoy
china old tea table rosewood
18000.00 rmb
china yixing sstyletea catty
80.00000.00 rmb
china old winter gown silk and wool
14000.00 rmb
china cloisonne bowl
china old official robe qinng