The Tretiak Collection
china old bamboo wrist rest calligraphy
12000.00 rmb
china Qing silver finger nail covers pair
6000.00 rmb
china old toggle hardwood
Japan Haku Maki 1981 Chinese coin 81-7
exhibit only
china old back scratcher deluxe
china Yixing teapot republican mark
12000.00 rmb
china stone qing frog desk ornament qing
please contact me
China Old wood stand
china old wrist rest bi ge bamboo calligraphy
10,000.00 rmb
china turtle turquoise paper weight
3000.00 rmb
china bronze frog paperweioght zhenchi qing
12000.00 rmb
china old brushpot
20,000.00 rmb
china nice rosewood stand for teapot modern
1999.00 rmb
china Old brushpot bamboo
18000.00 rnb
china old toggle a zoo enjoy
50000.00 rmb
china old tree root gen diao statue
china three small items toggles
5000.00 rmb
china document box may be zitan 19th century