The Tretiak Collection
china wood display sands republican
China Old Horse Saddle wood Lions
japan Print "early morning" 1970s Unknown
china rosewood guanyin republican
20,000.00 rmb
china old lacquer round box
5500.00 rmb
Haku Maki Dragon Year ÔÇťAnimal Song [dragon]"; 1968 ryu
not for sale
china old wood plaque
8000.00 rmb
china old toggles 19th century
2500.00 rmb
china Ming early Jade Dragon head
50,000.00 rmb
china old foukan buddhist shrine wood
20000.00 rmb
china bronze child cute and complete
china old boxwood box
china old frog Paper weight
4000.00 rmb
china republican ink box baitong
china Old deck chair titanic republican roseood
china old toggle si xi ren
china old stone frog late qing
25000.00 rmb
china Old boxwood octagonal box
3000.00 rmb